Instant Reveal!!!

  1. I've been looking for the perfect cosmetic pouch for myself, and I was leaning towards the Louis Vuitton DE or a Chanel one. I happened to stop in the Michael Kors store and there she was!!!!! The prefect pouch in the MK monogram. I actually like this one better than the LV one because this one has a beautiful gold plate on the front . Not to mention all the money I saved!!!!! Thanks for letting me share :smile:



  2. Yes it s the perfect cosmetic pouch - I love it!!! I bought the LV one first and was ticked when I saw this one later - it's a million times better - and I'm afraid to use the LV one for makeup anyway.

    You done good! Much better choice than LV!
  3. Thank You! I'm so happy to get another opinion because although I love this pouch, I really haven't stepped outside of Louis when it comes to my accessories and handbags, so i was sitting here second guessing myself. My hubby said he really liked this one better, but I thought he just liked the price lol!
  4. How much was it roxsand? It is adorable
  5. Thank You it was $85 with taxes included!
  6. love it!
  7. Thank You :smile:
  8. Very informative presentation. Convinced me to get one in black at Nordstrom.
    Thanks so much.
  9. Omg I had no idea it came in black?!? Thanks for checking it out!
  10. I love this! and watched your video too, nice job :p
  11. Thanks :smile:
  12. Love this!!!! Congrats!!
  13. Thank You!!!