Instant reveal to kick off the weekend anybody?

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  1. Anybody here?

  2. Yes, I'm here~!
  3. :snack:
  4. Here.
  5. Here
  6. Here!!!!
  7. Hello ladies! Hope all is well with you tonight, here we go.. I'll start with the small one first.



  8. Lovely pair of Chanels❤️
  9. And for the bigger box, a little back story. I'm not sure if you guys saw the thread I started about searching for a 16c blue flap, but I was going to the mall to see the 16s in m/l and jumbo to try to get an idea of which size I liked better for something in that color. I stumbled upon the sandals and then checked out the flaps. On the way out I saw the jumbo flap in chevron which I was considering at one point but had never seen in person but it didn't really do much for me. I had ALMOST made it out with just the sandals.. And then this little black bag with dark hardware caught my eye. I first tried on the smaller size and then the large.. And instantly fell in love!!! My general rule with Chanel is to just stick to classics bc I dibble dabbled with so many luxury brands in my youth that I now regret and/or never wear anymore. I don't think I would ever regret a classic flap lol But this bag just spoke to me, I knew if I didn't grab it it would be on my mind all night/weekend!! So here she is, not even too sure about the name.. Large city shopping tote? Lol






    I love the rhw on black!
  10. They were able to find me the last brand new bag in the bag, it's a bit boxy at the time but the sample bag on the floor softened and the shape changed a bit :smile: They also grabbed the last sandals in my size too.. Today was meant to be!
  11. Gorgeous bag and the sandals are to die for.
  12. Omg I love those sandals. I'm becoming addicted to Chanel shoes and those are to die for!
  13. You had a fabulous shopping day! Both items are gorgeous (I want to steal them, tee tee!) and seemed to be waiting for you. Total Chanel fate! :smile:
  14. Congrats! Love both
  15. Beautiful bag. Mind if I ask how much?