Instant Reveal Time!


Team Haverchuck
Aug 1, 2010
It was a great week for mail, and more coming actually! But for now I'll show my long-awaited gathered wallet to match my gathered bag. The only shame is that my gathered bag is already pretty used and beat up - it took me that long to get a wallet for it because the prices were just not right.

And now I have not one, but two Addison Spectator diaper/business bags :smile: I was going to sell the pink one, but decided I would like to save it just in case I have a girl ;)

And last, just bought these charms, one from amazon with a credit I had, and the other was eBay:


Jem Jerrica

Showtime, Synergy
Jan 14, 2013
Congrats! Love instant reveals :smile:

Also, your gathered bag doesn't look beat up at all from the photo!