INSTANT REVEAL..this cute patent inlaid satchel came today!

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  1. I love the size of it, the's a great lil bag!!
    The colors look different in the sunlight, but it has this really light blue suede "C", which I love, the others are ivory, silver, grey.

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  2. That is much????
  3. Cute!
  4. so cute!!!
  5. That's too cute...enjoy your new bag!!
  6. Cute bag! Enjoy!
  7. I bought in on E-bay (NEW) for $ 180 shipping inc..and the tag says $ 398. I see a few more selling there for about $ 190.
    VERY inexpensive compared to my LV Delightful I just bought. Needed something in black though.
  8. Very cute; I love it! Congrats!
  9. Cute Bag..Reminds me of the tote I had last year and had to return..Same pattern.
    Enjoy her
  10. that's different! i like it.
  11. WOW! Great e-bay find! Congrats!
  12. I have seen those, think they are a MFF spin on the inlaid Peyton from last year...very cute
  13. Yes I just saw that they have done the peach colour too. I have the ivory/green tote and I love it
  14. What a great satchel, I almost got this one too... Enjoy !!
  15. Very cute! Congrats!