Instant Reveal.....The Scent is in the Air...

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  1. Well.......

    This has been a very long time in coming........

    A very very long long time.....

    Since it was purchased - I have aged 3 months, gotten a few more grey hairs (actually more than a few - which means more visits to the salon), accepted the fact that my body is just the way it is ( so yes, I have my glass of wine at night and I don't worry about the calories anymore), and that my dog can no longer walk the 4 miles per day we used to walk 3 months ago - we have had to cut it down to 3.5 miles :sad: probably would not have been opened now except that my daughter is coming home for spring break and bringing 4 friends so all the guest rooms need to be cleaned up and clutter free.

    Just to show you that I really did pick it up before Christmas - really - here it is under the tree 3 months ago. And then the rest is the reveal....

    The last photo is my collection of Chanel Lucite purses. I did not show the purse with the chain as it is wrapped so tightly I just wanted to start straightening things up. As I can I will take a few more photos of the purse. It works great as a clutch though.

    I've added a few extra photos to give you an idea of size and proportion. None of the second set are my photos.

    Thank you for sharing in my reveal!!!!

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  2. A few for comparison....

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  3. Wow!!! So amazing and very special! You could start your own Chanel museum. Enjoy! :smile:
  4. Wow!!! Love it!!!
  5. stylemechanel! Omg your perfume bottle reveal is finally here! I remembered you talking about it as if it was yesterday! I love your collection of whimsical pieces as well. :ps: congratulations!!:woohoo:
    P.s.: that's amazing your doggie can walk 4 miles a day! Mine is still recuperating from his 3 mile walk from yesterday. :doggie:
  6. LOVE, LOVE! I've been dreaming about the perfume bottle bag since it hit the runway😍
    Your collection is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy!!

  7. You have made me laugh ChaneLisette! I am sure my husband would agree with you and for him that would mean not adding to the collection any more - he would say the museum is full:lol:.
  8. Bluekit my friend!!! You have been so sweet about the gentle reminders to open it and have been so supportive in waiting with me. Thank you so much. Honestly it wouldn't have been opened now if I was being visited by 5 21 year old girls - four of whom have never been to California before.

    I learned many things this last year and one of them is that Chanel and the purses can wait until I am ready....but I'm saying that in a whisper...can't let my husband know that one now that I have him fully on board with my passion for Chanel. :P

    Many hugs bluekit! :hugs:

    PS I do see signs of my furbaby slowing down a little bit. We adopted her and think she may be around 6. She is certainly getting a lot of grey - just like me! :roflmfao: Your baby must be a real sweetheart.
  9. Thank you Nicolas"Mommy! I am beginning to believe that Karl cannot top that one with anything better - at least in Lucite. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Beautiful addition! You have a lovely collection!!
  11. Thank you ladies!!!
  12. Stylemechanel, I know what this bag means to you, and why you've kept it wrapped so long (as you did with the special package your SA made up for you), and it's lovely to see you unwrapping it at long last. Times do change, whether it be gray hairs, stiff dog joints, or wounds that stay forever with us. I think you should take as much time as you need to fully unwrap this, and when the time is comfortable, then that's the right time for you. Purses/bags are just things in the end, and things can wait while we are dealing with loved ones. You do have a beautiful collection of lucite bags, each one with a special story and purpose. This bottle bag is gorgeous and fits right in with your collection. Enjoy and I wish you a lovely visit with your daughter and her friends. :hugs:
  13. What a nice reveal! I love your story about your Westminster flap, and now I am curious about your story regarding this reveal. Btw, seeing your Westminster flap made me even more determined to track it down and I am so happy that I finally found it recently. I love pearls too!
  14. Wow what a stunning collection.

  15. Gorgeous! I remember your story too and I'm happy to see your beautiful perfume bottle revealed and the rest of your Lucite treasures. Sending you many (((hugs))).