INSTANT REVEAL! So happy about this!

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  1. No hanging about this time. Presenting my ... (actually as described this time).......


  2. After my last very negative experience with eBay just a few weeks ago, when I ended up with a Musette that had cracks and splits in the canvas, stains all over the inside, stank of smoke and had been torn and restitched by the seller - who denied all of this! - I snagged this beeeeeautiful Musette at the end of last week, and I love it!

    This one was made in Spain but not a crack in sight - everything's perfect....


    ... apart from a very small ink stain on the leather interior of the flap, near the Louis Vuitton stamp. I knew about this when purchasing and it doesn't bother me so much but does anyone know how to effectively remove that from this type of material? I've only found info about removing ink stains from the fabric lining.
  3. [​IMG]


    Lovely and clean interior! :biggrin:
  4. Stunning, enjoy!!
  5. So happy for you! Your Musette is beautiful!
  6. Congrats and glad you finally got one you can enjoy!
  7. Congratssss (:
  8. Congrats! The musette is beautiful, enjoy her!!
    Mind for some modeling pics please?? (:
  9. Congrats, glad all is o.k with your latest purchase :tup:
  10. Congrats!!! I knew you would find the perfect bag!!!!
  11. It's beautiful! :smile: what a nice bag!
  12. you naughty boy! how many LV items have you purchased in the last few weeks?!! anyway a big congrats on such a nice find. enjoy your vintage LV bag! x
  13. Congrats on you new goodie...

    butt the dustbag look a bit "odd" or is it's just old? Never seen it before...
  14. I love that bag! Congrats. I am glad all worked out for you!
  15. congrats! so happy you have now got a good one :biggrin: !!