Instant Reveal - Small Chloe Faye Day

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  1. Nope, no issues! It's easy to open when you're wearing it crossbody because of the angle. You lift until you feel the magnet release and then slightly pull it downwards. It sounds more complicated when written out, but when I've worn it out crossbody I've had no issues getting in and out.
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  2. Hi @ kerrininin! I’m traveling in the Pacific Northwest for the week for work & will absolutely do a reveal when I return; I don’t have the bag with me. The color is stunning and is exactly as pictured on the Nordstrom website. For care, I did two layers of Cadillac lotion (they sell it at Nordstrom and Amazon also has it) to protect the bag from color transfer followed by two rounds of Cadillac protective spray (Also sold at Nordstrom) to protect the leather from weather. Based on my SA’s recommendation, I made sure to cover all suede parts before using the Cadillac spray. Sometimes weatherproofing suede changes the texture of the suede leather and can darken it. I wanted to avoid that at all costs!

    This is my first lighter-colored bag from Chloe. I have a 6-year old Chloe medium Marcie in Tan and it’s a workhorse bag! The Cadillac lotion & spray have done wonders for keeping it in perfect condition and zero color transfer from my dark denim...and I wear a lot of dark denim and crossbody wear is my preferred choice for my current lifestyle.

    Hope this information helps until I return home .
  3. Please do, I'm contemplating the color as well. I can't find many review on it, thus can't pull the trigger since that's a crap load of money for a bag LOL
  4. Love it - congrats!
  5. Congratulations! Looks so pretty :heart: I hope you enjoy it!
  6. How about the roominess of this bag?

    My "perfect fit" bag has been the PS1 cause it fits all of my stuff perfectly and has a lot of organization -

    I carry a fairly large wallet sunglasses and a decent amount of lipgloss lol....
  7. It's very roomy! I carried it with me to Japan and was able to fit everything including my camera (Sony A6000). It can definitely carry your essentials and much more. I also think it's a good bag for people (like me and sounds like you too!) who love organization and pockets in bags!
  8. It's quite roomy! I purchased this bag a few weeks ago and the small size fits more than I would have expected--the pocket that divides the bag in the middle makes the front and back pockets seem smaller than they are. The front pocket is definitely a little more spacious and not as structured as the back pocket. Since the rear pocket is kind of flat, I put my long bifold wallet and phone there (and any other flat objects). The front pocket is large enough to fit my large oversized Chanel sunglasses case (obnoxiously large and rarely fits in a smaller bag) and there's still a ton of room to spare for keys, makeup, hand cream, etc. I tried putting my umbrella in as well, but while I can snap the front closure, the bag warps a little.
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