Instant Reveal: Sac de Jour Baby in Rose Clair

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  1. Here is my Sac de Jour Baby in Rose Clair that I had gotten for my birthday hehe:


    The actual color in person looks more like the photos taken with flash. The second photo is without flash.

    - Fits all my daily essentials perfectly (Baby size)
    - Not heavy
    - Elegant shape and fun size
    - Love the lock and keys (it's only for looks for the Baby and Nano sizes)
    - Loving the pink grained leather (can wipe off dirt with baby wipes)
    - Adjustable comfy shoulder strap
    - Nice accordion style and the buttons let you have an option to loosen the sides a bit.

    - It would've been great if there was a removable middle compartment like the other two larger sizes to protect my phone (some Baby do have the middle compartment)
    - Maybe have at least a thin fabric lining because the leather lining seems really fragile. The interior is easily scratched so I have to put a small plastic bag or a piece of cloth on the bottom to prevent any scratches.
    - No closure so things will fly out if the bag tips over but I never really use the zipper on my other bags anyway haha
    - The leather on all four corners seem to soften up a bit and maybe because it's pink, but I see chipping on the leather so I can see white little spots.

    Overall, I love this bag so much and the cons don't really bother me at all. Sorry for the lengthy post but hopefully it'll help someone that's looking into buying a SDJ. Thank you for letting me share!
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  2. Gorgeous bag!!! Can u do some mod shots? I'm debating between getting a the baby or nano size
  3. Nice bag!!! 😍😍😍
  4. Beautiful! Happy birthday!
  5. Thank you dear! Sorry that I'm too shy to do mod shots and my mom has been busy, so I told my dad to do it lol. He's about 5'4" 160lbs lol.


    Thank you hun!

    Thank you so much dear!
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  6. The bag is soooooo cute! And your dad is an awesome sport :smile:
  7. Sharing my new baby!😍
  8. Inlove w lipstick pink😍

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  9. Your dad is so sweet and such a good sport!
  10. Congratulations on your SDJ Baby. The color is TDF. I can't believe you can get that many items in it. Looks like the perfect size for you.

    This is one of the best mod shots I've seen on TPF. Give your Dad a big hug from Tulip2 for being such a good sport. :hugs:

    Big congrats for being showcased on the Purse Blog! I don't normally visit the YSL Forum much, but it's been a lot of fun. Great handbag, great color, and your Dad does your Mod Shot! Excellent! :wave:
  11. 💕💖💗💞💓💕
  12. Happy belated birthday! Beautiful color :love:
  13. Hi! I have one question. Does the color have a tinge of coral in it? Or is it pure pink?
  14. Thank you for writing a very informative post. I wish more members would take the time to review their purchases like this.
    I am smitten by this color! Great choice :smile: The baby size is also on my wish list.