Instant Reveal/Review: Céline All Soft

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  1. I've had this bag for nearly a year and it's taken me so long to share photos and a little review!

    For ages I'd been wanting an all-black (non python) All Soft, and last year my amazing little sister found it on the PS Dept app for 45% off (I believe from the Céline outlet in Woodbury Commons) -- and I knew it was time to go for it.

    I love this bag so much, and use it a lot. It is completely lined in black suede on the interior and the three textures (suede inside, slightly pebbled flap, and smooth base) are beautiful in person. The minimal look and folded triangular shape is gorgeous. It is a bit heavy but holds a huge amount, and is quite comfortable because the strap is thicker in the middle and sits nicely on your shoulder. I am 5'2" and it definitely looks a bit big on me, but I don't mind the look. Because I'm petite the pouch works great as a clutch and I've used it as such multiple occasions. Otherwise, although I know it's meant as an extra organizer, I never keep the pouch in the bag so it doesn't get damaged with all the stuff in there. The bottom can get saggy-looking if you don't use an interior organizer/shaper (I use a large-size purse organizer I got from the website MochiThings which does the trick). Yes, the flap can be a bit of a pain to get into and out of sometimes, but nothing like the frustrations of the Trapeze!

    It has held up really well -- in fact, despite being caught in unexpected rain a couple times there has been no damage at all to the leather, even to the smooth base. I only have two real complaints. From only about a couple months of wear the white stitching/threads around the silver handle area frayed. I've never felt like the bag was going to fall apart or anything, but it is incredibly annoying given the retail price of this bag (also, why isn't the stitching just black instead of a highly visible white?). Second, the slouch it settles into is a bit weird looking to me (see third photo). I don't really mind as it isn't too noticeable if you've got stuff in there, and obviously the point/look of it is slouchy, but it did stand up a bit more sturdily when I first got it, and does this despite stuffing it carefully to stand up straight in its dustbag when not in use.

    Photos below! I had trouble finding more than the same few blogger shots online when I was lusting after this, so hope it's helpful for any of you interested in tracking down this now-discontinued bag!

    celineallsoftpf1.jpg celineallsoftpf2.jpg celineallsoftpf3.jpg celineallsoftpf4.jpg celineallsoftpf5.jpg celineallsoftpf6.jpg
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  2. Love it! Great review! :tup:
  3. I've been contemplating getting an all soft. Do you have a modeling picture?
  4. Thanks for the info! So hard to find anything much about this very understated and lovely bag!
  5. Thanks for your great review! I just got an All Soft from Vestiaire Collective, brand new and with tags for a great deal. I just love the cool and understated look of the bag.
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  6. What’s the ps dept app???