Instant reveal!?! Really this time:) (roomates new haul)

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  1. Okay so sorry about those pics yesterday everyone they are uploaded now... Anyways but after I came home I think my best friend got kinda jelly
    Even though his DBF had just brought/bought him this!


    New iPhone case!

    lol so they went to the LV store and dropped a few and picked some stuff up for themselves... :smile: so here it goes


    So funny we all like BIG BROWN BAGS!!!

    Lol anyways but I was like in so much shock I wasn't expecting anything huge but now 2 OF THEM!!! I was like WHAT DID U BUY?! Lol

    Anyways so here is what they bought I don't know the names of the bags but I've seen the second one before


    And there they are (they used it as an excuse for school!) lol anyways congratulations to them and to me and my DBF I love them all :smile:
  2. Great haul :smile: I love your red kusama NF :smile:

    I also have the bosphore backpack as well, it's quite an awesome bag :smile:
  3. Nice bags and handsome roommates!
  4. Lots of pretty new things! Congrats!
  5. Congratulation boys!! LOL now I better look for your reveal ;)
  6. Mine is posted :smile:
  7. love empreinte ! Congrats all around! And to the studly roomies!
  8. I know, look around at the LV forum then as soon as I found it I can't stop laughing... Dunno, just find it kinda funny your reveal, the excitement then pictures drama then happy ending LOL oooh, please don't get me wrong, I mean it as a compliment :smile: anywaaays, congrats to you girl...and the boys... Best haul of the day :hearts:
  9. Lol I think it's funny too my pics wouldn't load for HOURS!!! Lol thank you ❤💚💜💙💛
  10. Congrats to your roomies!!! They have great taste!
  11. How cute you are! Love the reveals! And the Roomies!
  12. I have the4 same shirt as your roomie and he is kinda cute ;P I love his choice with the Macassar Bass GM and his Mono Beaubourg backpack.. I thought LV discontinued them yonkers ago!! Congrats for him and your purchase@!!
  13. Thank you! :smile:
  14. LOVE IT! btw hes really cute :smile: haha
  15. WOW so jealous! I love that messenger bag...but I REALLY REALLY love that bosphore backpack - it's on my wish list!