Instant Reveal - PS11 Tiny!

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  1. Seems pretty quiet around here but I love my new-to-me baby so I had to share! Can't wait to take action shots!


  2. It's gorgeous with the black hw on black! :heart: Congrats! :biggrin:
  3. Really Nice...congrats
  4. Thank you loves! :nuts::heart:
  5. Oooo a tiny! congrats, its so adorable :biggrin:
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  6. Beautiful bag and photos!
  7. i have this exact bag and i LOVE it! enjoy :heart:

  8. Thank you dears! ️️️ I'm loving it!

  9. So cute!!
  10. it seems like the tiny can fit a ton.
    congrats, she's cute!!!

  11. Thank you ladies! ️️
  12. Very pretty! I have this bag in biscotti and I love it. It looks almost iridescent in your pics! I thought it was dark silver at first.
  13. I LOVE this bag. Congrats, your taste is exquisite! I've been undecided between the PS11 tiny and the PS11 mini. I hope you get lots of use from it.
  14. OMG I love it!!!! what leather is this? can you post any details about it?
  15. love this bag!