Instant reveal - Palm Springs Mini Backpack

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  1. Backstory: I went from "meh" to "must have" for this little cutie in the span of about two weeks. I was never a backpack lover, not even back in high school when I always used a tote or a duffle bag. But the more I saw this the more I liked how different, oddly practical, and --okay-- cute it was. I do like cute things.

    I knew it there were long waiting lists, so I started stalking the Canadian website, checking multiple times a day until finally I saw those magic words: Place In Cart. I grabbed it immediately, feeling slightly guilty as I keyed in my Visa number. I mean, I am on a ban right now.

    I figured, if it wasn't lvoe at first sight, then I'd take it back.

    She arrived an hour ago and it was lvoe at first sight!! :cloud9::love: She's my 8th LV (ahem, since July 2015!!) and other than getting something Azur, my collection is complete. Seriously. LOL! :coolio:

    If you want this bag, don't give up. Stalk the website, get on the waiting list. You seriously need this in your collection if it's calling your name!! And I do think it's limited edition.

    The second photo is the mini size compared to the Speedy B25.

    Thank you for letting me share!!! :yahoo:

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  2. Gorgeous! And I love your story. Persistence paid off. Good on you. I'm so happy you got it, I'm still on my waiting list. Since December!
  3. so cute - glad you got it - congrats!
  4. Soooooo beautiful!!! I felt the same way, now I'm constantly checking to see when it's back in stock lol. Enjoy!
  5. Well done on getting this beauty. Hearing you story means that there is still hope for us😊
  6. Cute backpack! Congrats!
  7. congrats!!! i felt the same way when mine came. i had figured that once it arrived, if i didn't love it i would send it back. well, this is one bag i had no trouble deciding upon. love at first sight. and yes, it is so cute...... enjoy yours!
  8. Cute! Congrats
  9. Congrats! It is an adorable bag! I just got the mini this morning...definitely has the cuteness factor going on! Enjoy!
  10. Too funny! "Place. In. Cart!" I felt the same way about mine (I got the MM). I love the mini but it's too small for me and I fell in love with the backpack for hands free city use. Enjoy!
  11. so cute. congrats!
  12. congrats on your mm. how do you find the padded straps? i was a little concerned that they might seem bulky when using on one shoulder. would appreciate your opinion.
  13. Congrats! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  14. Lovely!! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  15. Mod pics please!