Instant Reveal Outlet Find!

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Poppy Jazzy Licorice and Gold

    I don't have much time so I am just going to post all the pics but I am so thrilled to have found this! I loved this bag before and when I saw it in the mall.

    I am usually a silver hardware girl but I love the gold on this bag with the black and the purple lining is so yummy! I love it! I can't wait to take it out! I love that there is the cross body option. I feel like I will be using this bag a lot this winter! I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone of everything being black and silver or I feel like my collection will be really boring. lol

    There was a lady that wanted it and she was so upset that I got to it first. She literally stomped her foot and was throwing a fit in the store. Her husband stalked me through the store the entire time we were there and my sister kept telling me that man is following you. I almost felt like telling him to back off because I am not putting it down. Also I didn't understand why she didn't ask them if there was more in the back but then later my sister told me they said there wasn't and one of the SA told me do NOT put that bag down in you are thinking about getting it. I guess because it was the only one but I didn't catch that because I was trying on another bag at the time. This lady was acting like a 12 year old. She was giving me the evil eye and everything. I understand her disappointment but sheesh.....even the SA noticed nothing like making a spectacle of yourself. I heard her say "but she's just carrying it around" Well ya, because I'm going to pay for it!

    And I only went to exchange a universal Don't you love when that happens? [​IMG]

    Sorry camera phone not great. And the lining!

    They had 20% off today too!
  2. Hooray for good luck. It's a lovely bag. I'm glad you got it. I still feel a little bad for the other woman who wanted it. But I'm sure she'll find something else to love.
  3. Cute Bag!!!
    Isn't fun finding a bag when you least expect it?

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. Congrats! And people at the outlet make me laugh, sheesh.
  5. Cute bag. You were at the right place at the right time...Enjoy!!!
  6. Thanks everyone! This is my first outlet purchase and I feel like I did ok. lol They had a gorgeous Silver Alexandra and really I would have preferred that but it would have been over my budget for the day so.....but man was it pretty! So shinnnny!!! If it would have been the blue Alex I dunno....I probably would have been tempted to just go over my budget because I love that one.

    Honestly I think I would have felt worse for her if she wasn't behaving so badly. My sister kept saying that she felt bad for her husband. He looked so anxious like it was his fault that she didn't get the bag and I swear I thought he was going to wrestle it away from me. She was berating him the entire time we were in there. Poor guy. So really he was the one I felt sorry for. lol
  7. Her poor husband!
  8. I know. What I didn't understand was why it was his fault and he was trying really hard to find her something else showing her bags and trying to say nice things like "this would match your blah blah blah" but then who would put up with that? It's his choice. She must be somewhat spoiled based on her behavior. But that's just the impression I got. Maybe she was just really upset. I don't know.
  9. Cute!!
  10. nice find! and her poor hubby lol. she was acting like a little brat. oh well!
  11. yea I saw this one at my outlet today.
    they also had patent leather jazzy.. grape color? purple...
    I really like the size of jazzy. I always thought that Groovy is a bit small!!

    Congrats on your find today!
  12. Super cute! Love it!!
  13. I'm glad you got the bag. Sheesh what a baby!!! I honestly would have bought the bag just to spite her even if I didn't really want the bag. HAHA!
  14. congrats she is a beauty..and what a brat that lady was i would have just giggled at her lol
  15. Yikes @ that woman's behavior. Win some, lose some. It's a good thing she didn't try to snatch it out of your hands or beg you to give it to her. People do strange and bold things at the outlets!

    Congrats on your Jazzy!