Instant Reveal of the Kristin Emb. Python N/S Tote

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  1. I am usually just an occassional lurker on here...More so with the new Fall Collection coming out:happydance:...Well I ordered the Kristin Embossed Python N/S Tote last week...Style #18307...Color:Smoke...Brown is also available at JAX...Dimensions top of my head are: 15 1/2"wX2 3/4"dX11 1/2"h...I love all the detailing on this bag...The hardware is very unique...The embossed python is very soft almost suede-like and very lightweight...I am on the fence on this bag because the embossed python is so lightweight that it almost seems cheap KWIM...For $698, I am used to a sturdier bag...Esp. with little ones, I don't think this is the bag for me:sad:...but I thought I would share since no one has revealed this one yet!!!!
  2. Normally, the reptile bags are not for me, but that one is gorgeous.
  3. It's beautiful!
  4. WOOHOO, what a beauty!! Thank you for sharing your new lovely, granny
  5. congrats
  6. WOW! This bag is so unique. I would love it if you could show us close ups of some of the details.

    It's such an interesting bag. But if it's not what you want then it's probably best for you to pick up another bag that you love more :smile:
  7. I agree... very stunning..
  8. Totally pretty thanks for sharing!
  9. She's very very pretty! Thanks for posting pics!

    Is it possible to post mod shots?
  10. Wow, wow, wow! That's a gorgeous bag. I know what you mean though on the price. That is a lot for a bag and it needs to be sturdy enough for your needs. I think there is a PCE coming out in September with 25% off....maybe re-purchase it then? It's gorgeous though and I love the size of it.
  11. Beautiful bag. Love the handles and the hangtag. Let us know what you decide.
  12. It's pretty. Thanks for posting pics!
  13. Thats a nice bag! Enjoy her!

    BTW, your kitchen looks pretty too! :smile:
  14. i love the details on that kristin gorgeous.
  15. OMG I seriously love it. Have this en route in the satchel and wasn't sure if it would be this look or another on the fall thread I saw...SA wasn't sure, either. But I was HOPING this was the one I have on the way. And it is! OMG, now I wonder about exchanging for the tote you have. I have soooo many satchels for fall/winter and not totes, so I may be switching! I love it. The hardware is seriously gorgeous and the python is understated and doesn't "reek" reptile--KWIM??? Congrats! I just love it.

    ETA: I believe the python embossing is done out of goat leather??? It is a tad more delicate but I've not had any probs with any of my goat leather bags....not even my light beige "sparkle" ones....Just wanted to share....