Instant reveal of my very first H bag. Who's here?

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462197982.563556.jpg
  2. Front row
  3. I'm here!
  4. No reveal here.. that's a HAUL!!! :giggles:
  5. I am here also.
  6. Lindy 30 blue indigo and orange poppy in swift leather with Le MaisonDes Carres twillies
    Sorry i forgot to remove the protective cloth in front of the bag



  7. Bolide MM cosmetic case in blue horizo
    Bastia feu orange in chevre
    Calvi bougainvillea in epsom

  8. Great bag and accessories !
  9. And petit H


  10. Thank you everyone for letting me share
  11. Beautiful first bag and I love the twillies!! Do you have details of the twillies? I need them in my life, I'll have to ask my SA
  12. Great haul! Gorgeous L, maybe mod pics? Love all the petit h charms! What color is the Calvi, it's lovely!

  13. It's called La Maison Des Carres twilly in blanc/rose/bleu colors


  14. Color is Bougainvillea

  15. Oops quoted you wrongly but hello dear