Instant reveal of my "steals"!

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  1. So I haven't done a reveal in a while...basically because I've been good and really haven't been shopping too much.

    But I love me some *Baying! heheh

    I scored this black Bridgit for $85 (!!!) was pre-owned but MINT condition! (And poorly listed might I add!) I wanted a small wallet for her, so I go this small Soho (?) wallet for $24. It's well loved...and color is rubbing off, but it fits perfect in the Bridgit and that works for me.


    Now this really isn't a "steal"...but it was a birthday gift from hubby. Poppy Legacy stripe zippy wallet


    I was really debating a Poppy rocker in the FP store. I was debating between a gingerbread and a black one. Then this one popped up in my saved searches...$179!! Poppy Rocker in Gunmetal (pilot bag)


    Ok - and this is not a Coach bag...but I gotta share the deal I got. I saw this bag online (Gap) for $49.50 marked down to 39.99. I hit up the store, it was 28.99...then 40% off all sale merch...then 10% off for using my Gap cc. It came to $15!! a good sale! (and this bag is really nice too!)

  2. Gorgeous buys! I love the Gunmetal colour on the Poppy Rocker. The wristlet is cute! AND you got such an amazing price on your other buys!!! Congratulations :smile:
  3. Hmmm, something tells me you like metallics. What great deals you found! Love the Bridgit!
  4. Love that wristlet, your DH has good taste! Great deal on the Bridgit. Love the metallic colors of your bags and wallet, here's hoping they hold up for you! Happy Birthday too!
  5. love your "steals", have the same wallet actually have 2 of them not in gold, yet

    and you have to love the GAP with the markdowns, percent off and then getting it for nothing

  6. Oh my gosh!!! What a steal on the Bridgit! I love that little bag and hope to add one to my collection someday!

    Love the Poppy wristlet and the gunmetal Rocker-- another steal! Wow! You did good, girl!

  7. The Bridgit is very pretty!!! A great bag and love the hardware on her!!!
    The Gunmetal Rocker is so nice! - Legacy lining is great!!! Lucky you to get a Pilot bag!!!
    Very cute Poppy Legacy striped Zippy wallet! What a great gift from your Hubby!
    Very nice bag from the GAP too! All great finds and prices!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. Love them all. Congrats on great deals too!!
  9. I love the rocker and you gap bag. great buys
  10. congrats on all your buys! that gap bag is super cute! i saw another gap bag online that was soo pretty, but i didnt *need* it so i didnt get it, kinda wish i did now lol
  11. i love the legacy wristlet !!
  12. Wow great steal on the bridget!! Congrats!!
  13. Love the Bridgit!
  14. Congrats! I love the bridget!
  15. All beautiful bags, I especially like the chain and leather strap on the Bridgit!