Instant Reveal of my purpley goodness <3


Sep 21, 2007
I havent done a reveal in a longggggg time. Usually the c pattern isn't my cup of tea. I usually get leather (ventured out last year for a patent and melted the first month i used it :/ ). I've been looking for a crossbody bag ever since I got a kristin a couple years ago but my hubby made me return it because he hated the color. :sad: I saw that the outlets were having a 50% off all their handbags so I had my hubby take me to my local one thats only 15 min away. I didnt see much that I really cared for. The ones I did my hubby didnt like (boo!! He thought all the madison pieces were ugly :sad: ). This purple though kept distracting me. I saw the colorful c poppy bag but it didnt look right on me. So he finally let me pick up 2 different styles of the purple one. He picked up a turquoise one he liked. I didnt care for the style of that one but he insisted i keep trying it on. No matter how hard he tried I couldnt get passed how pretty the purple was. Ive been on a purple kick lately. While walking around I found 2 cute ponytail scarves. He only let me get one though. (Who's money did he think I was spending.. lol Not his!! ;) ) So I had one style that i liked more but it was a little more then I was looking to spend since I wanted a couple more accessories. So i went with the smaller one that was $30 cheaper. I really like it though. Anyways.. Enough of my rambling... :P

I also got the cute owl keyfob to go with it. :biggrin: Only spent $140 after taxes. :smile:


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Dec 11, 2012
Very pretty shade of purple! I really like that scarf. The more I see it is the more I think I need one. Cute fob too.


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Mar 20, 2009
Very nice choices :smile: might I suggest leaving hubby at home next time, he is not the one who's going to wear it! lol ;)


Sep 2, 2012
Love it! I actually have the large wristlet that matches this and I love the color. Not a C girl myself although it is my first initial. It works in this design though. Enjoy!


Feb 8, 2009
I really loved this too....I ordered the Ashley satchel in this and it was misshapen and damaged. I have yet to find one at the outlet in good condition. Such a pretty color and pattern