Instant reveal of my Paris souvenir

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  1. There was a line to get into Goyard Paris last week, but it was worth the wait for this little beauty. The customer service was top notch. We really enjoyed the experience. Thank you for letting me share my grey Sainte-Marie soft clutch.

  2. My little Goyard family - I wish it was bigger :smile:

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  3. Congrats. That fine family you have. :smile:
  4. Congratulations, everything is beautiful! I have a soft spot for the gray, and got my first piece of Goyard in the gray card holder in August.

    I have been set on buying at St Louis for ages now but keep flip flopping...may I ask the style name of the black bag in that photo? I love it! I've been so set on the St Louis I have neglected looking at the other bags!
  5. Thank you - the black bag is the Grenadine. I prefer it to St Louis because of the zipper and the leather gives it a little bit of structure.
    Unfortunately, it was discontinued this year but a few may still be available. It was also available in black canvas with brown leather and blue. The blue was gorgeous.

    I purchased it in NYC in April. I absolutely love it. I've never been a hobo fan. I took it with me to Paris and it was the perfect bag. My husband said it amusing seeing people check it out. He occasionally notices because looking at my bags but he had no idea what Goyard is - after visiting Paris, he wants a belt so at least I have idea for a Christmas present when I go back to NYC.
  6. Thank you
  7. What a lovely piece Clu! Enjoy in good health!
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  8. congrats!
  9. Oh my goodness clu13- I fell off the forum wagon for a bit and my my what a fine collection you have for so many different brands! I JUST got the red clutch on my trip to Asia! Haven't used it yet but intend to for a NYE party. How's yours coming in handy?
  10. You have a fine Goyard family! Love it!
  11. The grey is gorgeous. Sooo jealous you got to go to purchase in Paris!
  12. Thank you for the kind comments
  13. I fell off the forum too. It's great to see you back! I love the red clutch. My husband liked the red best too. It's gorgeous! I have loved this clutch so much. It's casual when all canvas and dressier with the leather showing. I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve!
  14. Thank you all!!!
  15. Hey clu13! It’s been a while! How’s yours holding up???? I actually wore it for the first time this weekend and feel bad I shoved it to the back of my closet just bc I felt like I got the wrong color (I’m sooo not into colorful things but thought I’d give it a try). Here’s one in action and I hope you’re enjoying your clutch! IMG_1035.jpg