Instant reveal of 3 little somethings :)

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  1. I have gotten 3 new little things :smile:
    First the small recruit saddle bag in navy:

    Second, the monkey wallet for the chinese new year:
    View attachment 3383103

    And then the monkey card case for the chinese new year:

    I'm feeling in love with Marc Jacobs again.
    The saddle bag is so nice and the monkey pieces are so fun and they make me smile.
    Thanks for letting me share. :smile:
  2. Cute pieces! Enjoy them [emoji177]
  3. Very cute! Enjoy!
  4. Thanks! :smile:
    Forgot to say that the monkeys have crystals for eyes, very cute irl.
  5. That's adorable. I love that MJ also adds a little something extra
  6. Great bag and the monkey pieces are so cute and unique!
  7. Great choices! I love that wallet :3
  8. All three items are gorgeous :smile: and the bag is just great!
  9. I love all three! I have been going back and forth on the saddle bag! Do you know what the strap drop is at the longest possible length? The monkey wallet and card case are sooo stinkin' adorable - congrats!
  10. I like that too :smile:
    Couldn't make justice of it with my crappy phone camera.
  11. Thanks!
  12. Thanks!
    Hmm. How do I measure that? :smile:

    I'd order one and return it if I didn't like it. :smile: (But I bet you would like it)
  13. How to measure the largest drop? make the strap as long as possible and then hang the bag somewhere and measure the distance between the top of the strap down to the bag :smile: and then probably convert it to inches ;)
  14. Hah! Of course ;)
    Will try that tomorrow :smile:
  15. Been a little buzy with my 3 kids :smile:
    Anyway I just measured and I get the largest possible strap drop to be 62 cm.
    Would you say that's about right Kmora?
    (As I know you have one too ;))
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