Instant Reveal of 1 of my WISH list items;)

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  1. OKKKKKKKK soooooooo no long speel.

    This item was the LAST ONE IN SYDNEY and I'm pretty sure a Australia now (I could be wrong) soooooooo if you ladies nd gents in sydney wanted this then I'm the one to hate hehe

    Sooo without further or do I present.

    The Multicolor Pochette Cosmetic in Noir;) DISCONTINUED;)
  2. Sorry forgot to add pic.

    Il add a better pic tomorrow as I'm Gunna use it as my work bag with my wallet ;)

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Ohhhh and P.S. You might want to look out for a BIIIG reveal next week. Gucci nd LV together ;)

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  3. It's gorgeous! Congrats on grabbing the last one, lucky you!
  4. So pretty, congrats!!
  5. I love this item! I wish I had one of these!! I have an MC Sarah and love it to bits and wish I had the cosmetic case!! Congrats!!
  6. Thank you;) It simply is divine. I needed something to use at work for my phone car keys and lip ointment and parking tickets that won't get lost In my big Speedy 45 Voyage.

    And yessss. My SA said luck was on my side on Saturday night;);)
  7. Thank you ;) I have it here with me while I sleep (or lay in bed) is that weird? ?;)
  8. Then why not ring 1800??? I'm sure they can find you one somewhere;) It's just that bit harder.

    ANDDDDD plus. I also got it at the price before increase as Australia's hasn't had theirs YET:sad:
  9. Congrats! Love MC line! So sad all the MC SLG are discontinuing..
  10. I agree with you! I was Sooo upset. Than figured I HAVVVVE to have this immediately;);)
  11. love it! I think I have to get one too.... lol😜 congrats!!!👍😃👏
  12. Dooo it;););) you won't regret it. I know I definitely will NOT;) HEHEHE
  13. Haha, same here! Just ordered a MC black agenda by phone last Sat! was told only a few left in the states then no more! Cant wait to get mine!!:biggrin:
  14. I love it! Congratulations on the last one 👍
  15. Nice! Congrats! I want one in monogram!