*Instant Reveal* New (to me) Beau bag!!

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  1. So... I've wanted a Beau bag since they first came out. I always thought it would make a gorgeous work bag!!! Unfortunately, they were out of my price range, and then the line was discontinued. But last week I spotted one in good condition on my favorite resale shop's site, and HAD to grab it. I LOVE it and I can't wait to take it into work tomorrow!
    So, presenting my 2 Park Avenue Beau in French Navy! (Sorry...pics are a little dark!)

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  2. Ok…it looks black, but I promise it's actually French Navy!
  3. Cute, I think this style may be exclusive to the outlet now, my friend bought a tote with the same bow design this week. Enjoy your new bag!
  4. You're right!! They had the beau style at the outlets.
  5. :yahoo:Yay for you!
  6. Can anyone tell me what color the outlet Beau's were? I have the same one above in black and just noticed I got 3 scratches on it. Maybe I should replace it with an outlet one.
  7. The Beau bag is so cute! I have one in Cream/French Navy (the combination of red, blue, and stripey).
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  8. Hi does anyone know what samorga organiser would fit the beau?
  9. I'd measure the bag's interior dimensions and try to find a similar shape/size on the website