Instant reveal - my new & first ever Bow!

Wanted a Bow for a long time, initially didn't get one as I was in love with Balenciaga (in the days of the big studs) and preferred to put my money there. And then when I started looking for one, I kept finding brass and gold hardware when I'm totally a silver girl!

Eventually tracked down a gorgeous Nero satchel with silver hardware and took the plunge! It's also another first for me as I've never owned a black bag (really!), I've always gone for brows, greys and other neutrals.

I'm absolutely loving this bag, it's one of the few I own which genuinely looks just as good carried by hand as it does on the shoulder!

The pics are from a couple of weeks ago when I was on holiday in Greece, the bag was purchased from a boutique in Athens! So lucky I found it, silver seems very hard to find in the UK!


Beautiful bag! I've had my eye on the bow for the longest... it's definitely one of Miu Miu's signature pieces. I'm happy you found it with the silver hardware - I noticed these small variations (that make all the difference in the world to us, right?!) can be harder to find in certain countries or cities. It's always great when you find exactly what you're looking for - and you were on vacation!? Double score lol. Enjoy it!


Sep 25, 2014
Congratulations! It's a beautiful bag, I bought my first bow after looking at pictures of them for 4 months (Pictures really don't do bags justice, I've had the impression that they were less than what they are, beauty wise) and I got it immediately after seeing one in a store, for the first time! Enjoy your bag!