Instant Reveal - My LV starter collection


Mar 13, 2012
Nova Scotia, Canada
Before I show my new beauties, a little backgrounder story.... it's long, so I won't be offended if you just skip forward to the photos!

A year ago, the most I had ever spent on a bag was $130. Then, I came into a little extra money, so I bought my first Coach bag and loved it. Then, I found tPF and read the Coach forums every day. I bought a few more Coach bags and a bunch of SLGs. I was looking at one of their bags that they were offering in vachetta, and I started spending some time in the LV forums reading up on how to care for vachetta (which I didn't end up buying). I remember seeing a post of Jennifer Love Hewitt carrying a Speedy, and I couldn't believe how hideous the bag was. 'What a waste of money,' I thought, for a bag that looked like a lunch box and was just a big hole with a single pocket!

Then, I saw Vlad's preview for the new Coach Legacy collection and I started saving for one of the bags I really liked, while I waited for the line to be released. A little time goes by, and I see a more expensive Coach I like, so I figure I should save up a little more.

Something keep pulling me back to the LV forums, and I found my opinion on the Speedy changing. Then, it occurred to me one day that if I saved up for that 'more expensive' Coach bag (it was $698), I was almost all the way to a Speedy. Then, it occurred to me that with a toddler, there was no way I could be a purely handheld girl... so I started saving up for a Speedy B.

Finally, Christmas came, and I got some gift certificates (and the Coach bag I'd originally started saving up for!), and I was ready to order my Speedy B! I live way too many hours away from an LV store, so I called them to put in a phone order; I live in Canada, so I can't order online. So, I called LV, and got the dreaded news: I can only order a store if 1) I am on their list already, which you can only be on if you have previously bought something in-store, and 2) I have purchased something from them in the last 12 months.

So no Speedy B for me. So sad! I figured I'd just use my money at Coach or something. But then, a miracle happened. My husband suggested that we go on a road trip in February. Ah ha! The trip he was planning went directly through a city with an LV! I could get my bag afterall! Then, that Coach bag I got at Xmas had some quality issues, so I returned it, and figured I could get a cles or something small with the Speedy B! Then, last week, my HR Manager lets me know that I have an anniversary bonus due to me for long-term service with the company. How much? Enough to switch that cles to a zippy compact wallet and a pochette!

So, without further adieu, here is my LV starter collection: Speedy B 30 in Ebene, Pochette Accessoires NM in Ebene, and Zippy Compact Wallet in Mono. You'll also see my 4-key holder in there, but I didn't buy it last week.

1. Me leaving the LV at Ogilvy in Montreal. My SA, Alexandra, was fantastic!!
leaving lv.jpg

2. My Speedy B 30 all filled up
speedy b 30.jpg

3. All the stuff I'm carrying in the bag. I made the purse organizer form before we left on the trip. Once I get a feel for how everything fits in, I'll add the pockets.
what's in my speedy b 30.jpg

4. My Pochette Accessoires NM loaded up with wallet, 4-key holder, iPhone, and a lip gloss. I'm using it inside the Speedy to keep those things easy to find, and I'll use it as a grab-and-go bag.
pochette nm.jpg

5. My zippy compact wallet, heatstamped perfectly!
zippy compact wallet.jpg

6. Here I am with my son (ignore his "hockey" face) at a hockey game, wearing my new pride and joy! I'm 5'4 and 120lbs for sizing reference.
wearing the speedy b.jpg


Feb 11, 2013
Congrats! Beautiful items, all so classic! What's next on your wish list :P


Jun 8, 2006
Huge congrats!! Your son is so cute! Thank you for sharing.


Feb 8, 2012
congrats on your long-awaited Speedy B...well worth it!

looks beautiful on you, and your son's hockey face is fierce!


Jul 14, 2012
I love the story behind getting the speedy B! I'm so glad to hear you got to a store and purchased an LV! Now you can do phone orders too!:graucho: Beautiful picture in front of the LV store! Congrats on your first LV bag, it looks great on you!!
Now I want a zippy compact, love it!:smile:
Jun 21, 2010
Congrats on everything! I hope that you will enjoy them for years to come...

Btw, I'm also a David's Tea fanatic... :tup:


Nov 6, 2012
Stubbing! I love your collection and your new wallet! I can't wait to get the same one in Damier Ebene!