Instant reveal - my first BV!

  1. Welcome to the world of BV. It's very addicting and you'll love it for years to come.
  2. Oh, lovely, just lovely! Congrats!
  3. I love the ebano!
    Where have you bought her?
    I saw yours has the golden zipper which is really hard to find...
  4. Excellent choice--enjoy! I have the same bag (except mine has a brunito zipper), and it's so comfortable to wear!
  5. I have this same bag with the brunito hardware and can't say enough about how fabulous it is. Such a gorgeous color, lightweight and easy to wear! You' ll never be disappointed.
  6. I have the Same bag with the brunito hardware - thats why I was wondering about the gold.
    I was told the gold is discontinued...
  7. I got it at the Bottega Veneta store in Natick, MA. This was their last Ebano Veneta with gold hardware. I actually ended up exchanging it because this one had a glue spot on the leather which bothered me, so my new one has the brunito hardware.
  8. beautiful bag and i love the brunito hardware-
  9. I love the brunito as well - I think its much more understated and modern, especially combined with the ebano!
  10. Me too! To be honest, I snapped up the gold hardware because they told me it was being discontinued... and I didn't want to regret missing out! The leather was much softer, too, which may have been from being older/on display. The brunito is definitely growing on me!
  11. It's beautiful. I've been ogling BV's for the past year, but having my own is probably a long way down the road...especially in the large size. Love yours! It's exactly the style and color I would get.
  12. Gorgeous
  13. How did I miss this one? Gorgeous! Pure gorgeousness! (word?) Perfect color, size, bag!!!
  14. great bag! congrats on your first BV:smile:
  15. Congratulations on your first BV. And such a classic colour and style combination. Enjoy!