Instant reveal & my disappointment with Speedy B

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I posted a few days ago about how I'd received a Speedy B that was damaged with marks and crinkled vachetta. Here's a quick update on what happened: Luckily, my SA was very sweet as usual and understood that it was the fault of LV online. I had some problems at first with her manager saying that since I bought it online through Paypal, they wouldn't be able to do a return in store - I'd have to send it back myself. Which would have been quite a hassle... but luckily, they were able to accommodate an exchange for me instead. So there were no issues :smile:

    So she brought out the few Speedy B monos they had in stock for me to pick from. And immediately I was very disappointed to see that they ALL had the crinkled vachetta along the side, which my SA told me was "perfectly normal" (I'm guessing because of how they fold them.) It looked very bad! I thought it made the bags look used, and I wasn't going to pay $1500 for a bag with already wrinkled vachetta. She also told me that because of the new raised areas of vachetta that they're doing under the handles now, it's normal for there to be slight indents on all of them in that area, probably from the handle being pressed onto it, again while folded.

    Needless to say, I was shocked at this and was no longer comfortable buying a Speedy B. But luckily, I also had another bag on my radar which I've been meaning to purchase, and which they had in stock and was actually flawless. So say hello to my new beauty.

    I'm so happy I chose the Neverfull GM I've been wanting over the Speedy B. The only way I'll ever consider purchasing the Speedy B in the future is if LV can work out how to deliver them in new condition.

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  2. sorry to hear about your disappointment with the speedy B. congrats on your NF!
  3. Sorry to hear that you couldn't find a Speedy in good condition - that is not good. I bought my Speedy B 30 mono a couple of months ago and mine has no wrinkling whatsoever. So I don't think it's true that the ones you were shown were normal!
  4. Congrats! Better not to settle for less than what you expect...Everything happens for a reason. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new neverfull. It's beautiful!
  5. If it doesn't make you happy then definitely you should get something that does.. it is the way that they fold the speedy that makes the vachetta wrinkle but over time when you wear it the wrinkle will dissipate unless you fold it again.
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    Your new DE Neverfull is so beautiful, and I LOVE it in GM. I'm happy you made this choice!
    I have to agree with you 100% on being disappointed with how the bags are looking based on the way they are stored. I had to exchange my Artsy last week because after only seven days of using it, I noticed there were cracks along the entire side or the braided handle. When I went back to the store to exchange it, I noticed the other Artsy's looked...hummmm, how should I say this🤔 A little banged up? I needed to look at at least five different bags before I found one is perfect condition. And this was over $2,100 after it was all said and done, so I also feel for that much money it should be in better condition.
    Here is where I think the problem starts, with SHIPPING AND RECEIVING. First of all, I've worked for Burberry, and if the S&R staff is not as careful or knowledgable about the products they are arranging in Back of House, they certainly set the tone for how the products will turn out once they hit the sales floor. I was surprised that on almost all the Artsy's, someone had attached the charm differently on ALL the bags I saw. There was no consistency, and no attention to detail. I had to tell the SA that all the charms were placed in the wrong spot. Also, the leather charm strap on several of the bags was already deeply wrinkled. This is unacceptable, and when it starts to patina, the creases will look quite worn. I also don't appreciate the EXCUSE that "it will eventually happen once YOU start using it" well fine! Once I start using it I can live with it, but if I was ok with buying a bag that looked worn, I would have saved a few hundred dollars and bought a preloved bag.
    No good!
    Also, I have seen SAs throw bags around, shove them into makes me cringe! If you don't care about the merchandise you're selling because it's becoming boring to you after seeing it everyday for years on end, than maybe change your job of you can't treat this stuff with value, because CUSTOMERS do care.
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    LV stuff is not cheap! If you are going to pay a small fortune for something, it needs to be perfect! What would be the point of visiting the store to buy brand new if it's not perfect? As Elise said, may as well go the pre-loved route at that point and saved the hassle.

    I'm happy you found a better replacement. I have the NF in DE on my radar and yours is so gorgeous ^^ I hope I'm lucky enough to get it soon!
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  8. :goodpost:
  9. I think you made the right decision and it's great you found a bag that you love. You would not have been happy if you'd compromised and gotten the Speedy B, for that amount of money it needs to be right.

    Congratulations on your Neverfull, it looks beautiful in DE.
  10. Enjoy your new baby :smile:
  11. Thanks for all the replies :heart:

    Yes, LV needs to step up their game..and I'm tired of hearing how SAs frequently brush off defects as "normal." Here is a photo of the wrinkling that ALL the Mono Speedy Bs I examined had (looked even worse in real life).

    And I am loving my new baby :cool:

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  12. Neverfull GM is more useful anyway. Congrats!!
  13. Neverfull GM DE, one of my favorite bags, great pick! :smile:
  14. Does this wrinkle really go away? I was looking at 2 bags and both had this. They were the Speedy B 25 made in USA. My speedy mon monogram 35 does not have this.
  15. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience, you should never settle if something is going to bother you! Your Neverfull is absolutely beautiful though - congrats!