Instant reveal + mod shots!

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  1. Hello!

    I found myself really craving a Pochette NM in mono - at the same time I wasn't feeling my DE Pochette at all. I was neglecting her and I decided it was better for us to part - and she found a new home very quickly and I was thrilled to sell it at a decent price.

    As some of you may know, the price increase has already happened in Europe. Fortunately this bag went up only 15€ so no big deal.

    Here she is, miss Pochette NM in monogram!



    ignore the dirty mirror.. lol. I wore my new Pochette with a simple black blazer and a statement necklace!


    Thanks for letting me share, now it's time to start saving for a birthday bag/SLG/scarf, don't know yet!

    // Just wanted to add, I'm not a fan of the new, longer shoulder strap of this Pochette, so I took it off. I'm going to wear her as a clutch or crossbody with the long chain strap some of you may have seen!
  2. [​IMG]

    Here is the chain strap in case someone is wondering how it looks like :smile:
  3. Looks good! Congrats!!
  4. Congrats on your Pochette Accessoires NM! I have this pochette in DE and I love it. I wouldn't mind picking up the mono and DA ones someday, too.
    Looks great on you with the long chain, too!
  5. congrats :smile:
  6. Pretty! Enjoy.
  7. Love it, Congrats!!
  8. Absolutely love this! Looks so well put together. Where is your necklace from if you don't mind? It's TDF
  9. Wow! You make the bag look good!
  10. Congrats, looks great on you. I myself have in DE and its my go-to bag for quick errands and on the weekends. So practical, carefree and chic!
  11. Congrats, great mod shots too!
  12. Thanks! I was thinking about getting the DA but for some reason LV didn't have it in stock..

    I had the DE pochette too, but got tired with it and found myself not using it anymore, I love DE but wanted this pochette in mono instead.

    The necklace is from a local auction site and it really is gorgeous and it was very affordable! Unfortunately it has no tags/labels/whatsoever so I'm afraid I won't be able to tell where it is originally from. Sorry :sad:

    Thank you everyone! :smile:
  13. Thanks :smile:
  14. congrats - beautiful mod shot! i agree, this piece looks so classy worn as a clutch.
  15. It looks so pretty on you. Great photos and mods, congrats!