Instant Reveal: Louis Vuitton Trunks Monogram Bandeau

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  1. I picked up my first LV accessory today and I am in LVoe :love: with my new "Trunks Monogram" bandeau. I'm thinking about buying the New Denim bandeau, but want to know if anyone has experienced any issues with LV bandeaus (for example: color transfer or the silk unraveling from frequent use). If so, let me know. Thanks in advance.

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  2. STUNNING!!!!!!!!! enjoy :smile:
  3. Beautiful! I was looking at this exact Bandeau at the LV store today when I picked up my Cles. It's so gorgeous in person, I think it might be my next purchase! Enjoy it!!!
  4. Congratulations on your purchase, this is a beautiful bandeau. I love items with the trunks!
    I have seen a trunks monogram wool scarf(brown/gold) for sale (second hand) but can not find any information on these, except for a "fake" LV online store that sells them. Could it be genuine or were these never made by Louis Vuitton?
  5. You are absolutely right! It looks much better in person. I think you will be happy if you decide to purchase it.
  6. Thanks.
  7. Lovely!! :smile:
  8. Pretty! :biggrin:
  9. Wow, that's really pretty. Love all the detail, congrats!
  10. I can't advise if the scarf you speak of is real or fake. I suggest you inquire with LV client services to see if it possibly was a limited edition or discontinued item. Sorry I couldn't help.
  11. Thank you. It is a beautiful item.
  12. cute :smile:
  13. Love it! Congrats. What new denim bandeau? I'm intrigued as I love the denim lines.
  14. Beautiful! Congrats.
  15. Pretty!