Instant Reveal: Lg. Ethel, so excited!

  1. Okay, was here with a reveal of an Eclipse last weekend. My Ethel arrived today, so excited! :biggrin:

    Here she is, just out of the packaging...:smile:


    Can't believe how much can fit inside this Lg. size (no crossbody strap though), just perfect for my trip home in a couple of days.:graucho:


    Don't know... this Chloe shopping just might become addictive!! Especially since I found this Ethel at a little more than 50% off retail!!! SO many Chloe deals to be had here in Tokyo!!!:faint:

    Thanks for letting me share!:hbeat:
  2. Love the Ethel! Beautiful tote! Congratulations!
  3. That bag is gorgeous!
  4. Gorgeous!!!
  5. gorgy, nice purchase!
  6. Great price and look at that rich color! Congrats!
  7. Beautiful..congrats.
  8. Very pretty! I love the handles on the Ethel.
  9. Beautiful bag! I didn't know the large Ethel had so many interior pockets. I'd love to see a modeling pic ....
  10. That color is to die for!
  11. wow, it look spacious~! Nice