Instant Reveal #latepost

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  1. This is my first Goyard bag. Thanks for letting me share..

    my St.Louis red PM tote. bought in Singapore $1610 and got 4% GST refund back.:biggrin:

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  2. The next day I took her to the beach.. so spacious :sunnies::cloud9:

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  3. Congrats looks great on you :smile:
  4. Just beautiful❤️
    We are bag twins love this color!!!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats & enjoy!
  6. Goyard red is beautiful! Congrats
  7. Thanks weekend shopper :smile:
  8. Thanks cathi, btw I love your avatar.. do you have pink as well?
  9. Thanks slang, I will use is for my work bag as well, so easy to throw everything in.. Love it so much
  10. Thanks maxter... yes it is!!
  11. Enjoy her:smile:) congrats :graucho::graucho::biggrin:
  12. Enjoy her! She's a beauty!