Instant reveal! It's a Boy


Apr 3, 2012
Ban Island

I wasn't going to do a reveal but after I took him out today, I really fell in love with him. I decided to do a quick reveal.

I got my first Chanel around Nov/Dec last year and got addicted!

This past Monday my SA texted me of new arrivals and I decided to venture out to Boy.

I picked it up on Friday and love it even more after taking it out!

Introducing medium large (11 inch, not old medium in 10 inch) in beige fonce lamb!

In person, it looks a bit peachy and difficult to capture its true color.

I also tried a perforated black boy in this size and found my bag and the perf boy all have two side pockets. This is different from earlier versions of the Boys!

Overall, I feel the 14P new boys in medium large (this is how I heard Chanel SAs call it now) is super light on my shoulder, lighter than medium classic and reissue 226. I have been wondering if that is b/c of the chains. As much as I like the understatement of reissue, carrying a boy for the whole afternoon is much easier.

There are many TPFers asking if having a Boy is worth it. For the look, the weight and the versatility, I feel it's totally worth getting one!

My NM SA said all of their boys sold out so fast that many of them didn't even hit the shelf!

Now with my Feb addition, I really need to wait out a while and can't participate in Act 2 for all the colorful classic flaps!

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Jan 24, 2014
I'm so glad you got a Boy, he's gorgeous! The color is fantastic & it looks great on you. After seeing all the beautiful Boys on TPF, I knew I HAD to have a Boy!


❤️ Lambskin Lover ❤️
Apr 13, 2012
Stunningly beautiful boy; congrats. I think the weight issue is due to the fabric lining of the boy as compared to the heavier leather lining of the classic and 2.55. Enjoy this fab boy.