Instant Reveal & In Major Need Of Opinions ... hahaha

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  1. Okay lol So here was other shoe I was waiting on. No reveal here just pictures. I thought I would either love these or hate them. I am undecided hahahaha................ HONEST opinions. Sorry best I could do for a mod right now haha

    Then I have one more spiked & strassed pair that should be coming in any day now lol. If they fit me (may be too small) I will do a reveal on them next week :biggrin: ....

    Excuse the background I am in my office hard at work :wlae:
  2. ....

    Janet Python, Mesh and Lace Wedge Ankle Boots Retail $1,495 --- I recommend 1/2 to 1 (If wide feet) size up from TTS. They def seem to run small. These fit me good but TTS would be really tight.

    I didn't pay retail just putting the general info up!
    photo-43.jpg photo-42.jpg photo-44.jpg
  3. Ummm I kinda like em' if they were a steal I love them :lol:
  4. They're cute!! And is that a neverful in the background?? (Bag twinsies!! ;) )

  5. I think they were a super steal, I was hesitant about getting them, but then saw ones that sold on ebay went for a lot like 1,000 fairly recently. I paid either 300 or 350. :graucho:

    Someone said they would look cute with black skinnies. I kind of agree. I might give them a chance lol

  6. yes lol its my work horse . I love that thing although, the inside of mine looks like a trash bag because I just throw random things in it hahaha:lol:
  7. I think they look pretty good!! And for $3something...he k yes I'd keep them!! I was just eyeing these off but seller wants $1k! Why can't I ever find such great eBay finds? I think I need lessons! Congrats!!
  8. Hehe mine too! So far mines clean still but that's only because its still on the newer side (purchased in May). Every day to work it's neverful (with all my stuff in it...usually at least one pair of CLs, lunch, beverages, ipad, work i brought home the night before, etc...haha) and then the Beverley GM as my purse, purse. I look all sorts of silly.

    Everyone told me to get the MM because I'm little (only 5'4 and i look like im still a teenager even when im in work clothes lol!) and the GM would over power me, but it's such a great "throw everything in it" and run bag!

    Btw, I love, love, love your new additions!! And for 3-350 for these, yes KEEP!!!
  9. Very special shoe... My first thougt was, hmmm not really my style. But looking at it again and again I can see the point ;0)

    I would love to see them with skinny dark jeans or black leggins / skinnys... I think that would bring justice to them, if you get my point :0)

    So more mod pics please ;0)

    And congrats with your purchase ... fair price I understand ha ha ;0)
  10. When I first saw the picture I thought they looked better off than on, but it might just be the angle of your modelling shot. They're quite unusual and I reckon you'll get lots of great comments about them. I'd definitely keep them especially if they were only $3xx. Congrats on such a great find!
  11. I agree. They are not my style, I would never figure out what to wear with them.

    I say keep them! Cute on you and it was steal!
  12. I like them especially with black skinnys keep them most defo!! For that price if not pass my way lol
  13. Lol i am going to see if they grow on me a little over the weekend lol

    PS about your signature---Based on your other sizes, you probably want Lucifer bow 120's in 37.5 thats what size mine are and they are perfect, they run slightly bigger than 120 pigalles ... Just an FYI lol:graucho:
  14. Bargain!!!! Can't wait to see pics of you rockin' the hell out of these!
  15. I actually really like them! I think they look like a great fun and casual shoe.