Instant Reveal - Impulse buy

  1. Hey guys,
    So I went to LV yesterday to see if they had any samples of the new Portobello and of course they didn't. I purchased this little doll instead. I had been considering her for the last couple months but not with any real thought. I was going to get her in mono but decided I need more DE in my collection. When they had one MIF left out of the 3 in the store i knew it was meant to be. Here she is my new DE Eva!😍😍
    image-3215604996.jpg image-3419007832.jpg image-1433321294.jpg image-3408967512.jpg
  2. The best impulse buy ever!! You will love wearing the Eva!!! Congrats!!!
  3. Congrats on your Eva!! I'm so jealous~~ I've been eyeing it for months as well
  4. Congrats on a great purchase. You will love it and enjoy your new beauty.
  5. bag twins love it :wlae::drinkup: Congrats
  6. One on my wish lists :heart: Congrats!
  7. Looks fab on you - congrats!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Congrats! A beauty!!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Congrats! She looks great on you!
  13. Very pretty!
  14. congrats and enjoy:smile:! smartest purchase i ever made..!!
  15. Thanks for the love guys! I took her out last night and it was perfect! How long did it take before you scratched up the plate? I know it's inevitable but I'm dreading that first scratch I get lol. Also what to do with the gold chain when wearing the strap? Seems most people leave it dangling down?