Instant Reveal for MBMJ

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  1. This is a belated reveal for a couple of things that I picked up from Detroit over my Thanksgiving long weekend. (Canadian Thanksgiving for those who haven't noticed my location =p)

    I'm going to make this super quick since I don't want to make you wonderful ladies suffer =p

    First off is my iPad case! I really should have gotten this LONG ago! I'm so bad with my iPad, even the invisible shield that I apply is starting to get ruined lol!!! I totally do not regret this purchase and will recommend to everybody with an iPad to purchase one!!

    I liked the pink & purple one, but pink is more my colour, so pink it is =)

    Up next are my new mouse flats. Yes, I bought another pair. I saw them at Neiman Marcus Last Call and immediately picked them up =p They were having additional 35% off the weekend I was there also. Although, it doesn't look as nice as the pair my sister bought, I didn't care because I paid more than 50% off from the price she paid.

    So here they are, but can anybody tell me why it doesn't have whiskers??

    Here's a picture off all the mice in my house lol!!
  2. Cute! No idea about the whiskers, but I didn't even notice until you mentioned it. :smile:
  3. Thanks nikkibaby!
  4. Those mouse flats are adorable.
  5. gotta love the ipod case and the flats are just so cute :smile: congrats
  6. Love them both! Congrats!
  7. Thanks ladies!! I hope they release some cases for the ipad mini soon!