Instant Reveal - Fall Midnight Blue Dylan Tote!

  1. Here is is my 1st Luna Boston purchase from the fall line. The midnight blue Dylan tote. Arrival in box today via UPS........

  2. My picture of the tote and a closer shot of the color. Sorry for the fuzzy photos.:-s

    I can do mod shots later - I am in dirty sweats now - will send more later......

    I love the dark blue color - will go with tons of things. I love it!:love:

    PS: I just got word my crimson speedy shipped today.........:nuts:
    photo3.jpg photo2.jpg
  3. Beautiful! Enjoy :smile:
  4. Congrats! I love the medium tote!!! Is the midnight color in your pictures pretty true to real life?
  5. Pretty!
  6. That leather looks delicious, congrats!
  7. Yes, the close up shows its dark blue, really dark, in the light it remains dark. If you look real quick you may think its black.

    I have my Black Marc Jacobs cecilia purse next to it and you can see its is pretty dark next to the black Marc jacobs (see?) - so its a deep dark blue in my opinon. Almost black, but not quite........:smile:
  8. It's gorgeous, love it!!
  9. Ahhhhhhhhh it's lovely! Enjoy the bag!
  10. Thank u for the pics! I love the midnight color and am so tempted to get a dmt in midnight. Can't wait to see mod pics :smile:
  11. Love the DMT! Congrats!!
  12. Gorgeous Enjoy!!
  13. The medium tote is such a great bag, I love that you can wear it cross body as well. The dark blue color is pretty.
  14. So pretty! I love those dark blues!

    Enjoy your new beauty!
  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE the midnight Dylans! I have one from about 4 years ago and I still love it! Great pick! Congrats!