Instant Reveal! :D awesome ebay find

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  1. I found a basically pristine vintage Louis Vuitton Monceau on eBay - no edge wear, great, clean brass, and most importantly...a perfectly non-sticky inner pocket!


  2. Wow, it's gorgeous! Congrats!
  3. That's beautiful! Congrats on the great find! :smile:
  4. Beautiful find, congrats!
  5. Gorgeous!! Congrats!
  6. That really was a great find! Congratulations!
  7. Great find! Congratulations!
  8. Congratulations :biggrin::graucho:
  9. congrats! great bag
  10. great find - congrats!!
  11. congrats :smile:
  12. Lovely bag! Congrats!!

    Can you post some modelling pics?
  13. congrats!!👍😃👏
  14. gorgeous!!
  15. Congrats it's beautiful ... awesome find ...