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  1. Boyfriend got me a gift card for the local LV boutique, so I decided to pick up this beauty. I decided to grab it before they discontinued it, because I really didn't feel like I would want the new Neverfull with the bonus pouch thing... I'd rather pay extra for my HG bag if I was going to spend that much.

    So here she is... Neverfull GM DE. Let me know if you think this size is too big for me. I thought I could never have a bag that was "too big".... thoughts? Mod shots included. Should I have gotten the MM?

    Pretty excited... I have a little collection now! :biggrin:

    Next I need pomme d'amour zippy.... which I hear that color is being discontinued.

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  2. OOOOOOH lovely!!!!We have the same initials... SO jelly!! Congrats!
  3. Love both your collections - the puppies and the purses! Congrats on your new Neverfull!
  4. KC are good initials. I dread my upcoming engagement/wedding hahaha. I will be KW then.... and I will need a new Mon Mono..........
  5. They wanted to be in the pic, how could I say no hahaha.
  6. Not too big? I thought size difference between MM and GM was quite substantial. MM felt small, but GM feels massive. Do I look goofy with such a big bag?
  7. Lovely bag!! Congrats on your new adventures!!
  8. cute puppies and love ur DE NF is gorgeous and it looks good on you
  9. Love it and your collection!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Beautiful.. It looks perfect on you.. I too have the GM and find it's the perfect size. You'll get used to it in no time at all. Enjoy!
  12. Love it!

    And I think the size looks fantastic on you. :biggrin:
  13. What a lovely LV collection :love: Your DE GM NF is gorgeous and the size is definitely not too big at all. It actually looks like a normal size bag with the sides tucked in. I am very thin and average height and I love big bags. I tried on the MM size over the weekend at a LV boutique and ITA that it felt small. I would stick with the GM. Oh and I adore your mon mono :tender:
  14. I think it looks great! When in doubt- go bigger!
  15. +1