Instant Reveal: Best Mail Day Ever!

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  1. I've been busy again. As you may already know, I mentioned a few days ago that I got a gathered bag at a great price of $200 - she arrived today and she really is mint and unworn, and I also ended up with a really neat piece - I can't recall the name of her, but I know she was uber expensive at retail, and I got her for SUCH an irresistible buy it now of $129!



    with my larger midnight bag:

    with my other new bag (i made a trade, her for the gathered!! Can't keep both):

    And the new girl! Again, I'm unsure of the name of this bag....but I know I can't wait to wear her in the spring!


  2. Love all of your bags (and your furry friends)! The gathered leather style is TDF! Congrats. on such a great score!
  3. Love your Sophias.
  4. Gorgeous gathered bags! So you're trading out the silver Sophia? You made a great trade, I do believe! I also have a gathered midnight Sophia and a gathered graphite (you've got good taste!), and both colors are just so versatile! Love your other bag too; $129 is an amazing price for her...congrats!
  5. :smile: Thanks!

    Yes, not an actual trade per se - but a collection sacrifice lol. Since I got the gathered bag, one of my bags had to go. At this point, while I wish I could buy countless Coach bags, with baby on the way I have to cut corners. And since the other sophia is so delicate, I knew she wasn't for me. I'd just destroy her! And I really don't want to have to deal with worrying about what damage I'm doing to my purse every day.

    I have done very well so far with my larger gathered sophia, she really holds up well! So I thought the smaller gathered was more for me :smile:
  6. ps- The other newbie is called Miranda! I just remembered :biggrin:
  7. Love your gathered graphite!! I have it too! What a deal! Mine was $171 in clearance but your deal is just WOW!!
  8. I think you're making the right choice with the silver Sophia. I love that bag too, and I'm pretty careful with my bags...but I'm not sure I'm *that* careful lol. That bag does seem more delicate than I'm used to. I'm like you; I want bags that I can use without worry. I'm sure Sophia will find a good home with someone else! The gathered bags really do hold up surprisingly well; I'd love to have a few more!
  9. Lovely!
  10. Love your new bags, especially the gathered. Congrats.
  11. Love your bags! Congrats!
  12. Congrats on your new Gathered Sophia!
    Very Pretty. The Miranda is very cute too!!!
    Enjoy all your new bags!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. WOW, how did you score the gathered sophia for such a great price?
    She is super gorgeous!
    Congrats on your great finds!
  14. :smile: Thanks again friends!

    Lucy dee: I am kind of an eBay stalker lol - The bag probably ended lower because it's missing the shoulder strap, but I don't care! I thought it'd bother me but it doesn't at all! I actually got a better bargain several months ago - I got the larger gathered Sophia in midnight for best offer $220, AND she came with a really pretty coach fob, too! Persistence and patience is key I guess :biggrin:
  15. Great bags! Love the gathered and I have a Miranda too! It is such a well made bag!