Instant reveal: animal printed & something red!

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  1. Hi M lovers,

    I got two goodies last week I would love to show you! It's been a while that I purchased anything M, but after cheating for so long it was time to get something!

    I was hoping to go home with a bag from the outlet, unfortunately there was nothing that made my heart skip a beat ( even though my SA was so sweet and let me try everything I wanted, thanks Niels :heart: ) but these two did!

    I love leopard but I saw this scarf on it's tiger side and asked to try it, so when my SA unfolded it, it was such a surprise! Never thought tiger and leopard would work so well together!

    I also needed a small pouch for my earbuds and this one is perfect

    Thanks for watching/reading!
  2. Gorgeous! Love both
  3. Both are beautiful!
  4. Super cute the scarf is amazing!!!
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    Beautiful scarf! I love abit of leopard print, have my eye on this scarf! And I'd love something from the valentines collection!
  6. Love the scarf :smile: would love valentine alexa :smile:
  7. Lovely purchases - I adore all the Valentines Collection (and am fortunate to have some !) & I never realised the scarf was duel patterned ??? it's fantastic & if I get the chance, I think I might just have to have one .. xxx
  8. Both gorgeous! Would love an M scarf, not seen one that's 'me' yet
  9. Lovely :smile:
  10. Thanks ladies!
  11. I wore it for the first time today and it really is soft, warm and gorgeous! Hope you'll find her :smile:

    Thank you! I only saw this valentine heart pouch, an ordinary pouch and the bays clutch, all were stunning!

    Yes it is! You can see both prints when wearing it, but I guess you can wear it with one side visible too if you pay a bit more attention while putting it on!

    There are so many different scarves by M, I'm sure you will find one that suits you! :smile:
  12. Both are lovely! Congrats!
  13. Both are beautiful, I'd love an M scarf like that
  14. What is the scarf called please?
  15. I made a picture of the tag for you :smile:


    I remember seeing two other colors, one more orange and the third was taupe..