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  1. My hubs just got me this WOC for my bday/anniversary gift. I've been eyeing it for quite a while and think it's just beautiful!


    This is my first YSL bag and post in this forum (I'm usually over in Chanel) so I'm new to the brand and have a question. When the SA was showing me the bag, she brought out two of them and one was a significantly darker shade compared to this one. The quilts were also much less puffy. It looked just kind of off to me. When I asked why there was just a noticeable difference between the two, she seemed really nervous and couldn't give me an answer. Has anyone else noticed this before? It kind of makes me question their general quality... Another thing is that this one that I took has two tiny black dots on the leather, and the SA wasn't able to clean it off with the leather cleaner. She said it seemed to be just "part of the leather." I mean, you can't really see it unless you look super closely, but for a $1600 bag, I'm really expecting it to be pretty perfect. Is that unreasonable? Also, I feel like the flap part seems slightly crooked? I asked them if they could order me a new one and they said they would but couldn't guarantee what the exact color and texture would be like. When it comes in this week, I'm going to go in and compare it with the one I have and decide which I want to keep.

    Overall, I guess I'm just a little disappointed with their quality and knowledge and level of service. Has anyone experienced any quality issues with their bags? I love the bag itself for the style/color etc. but I feel like the quality doesn't seem to line up with what they are charging... I'm hoping the one that comes in will be better, but it seems a little ridiculous that I have to go through three of the same bag to get one without any "defects"
  2. The flap on my WOC is almost exactly like yours.
    It's a little higher on one side than on the other.

    I already had too much trouble returning WOC's back and forward (twice within one purchase) because the gold plating had defects all over it (two individual bags I received through the YSL website).

    The one I have now (number 3) has perfect plating, but like I said, the flap is a little crooked. But I made peace with it. :smile:
    I do have to say that their customer service is great though.

    Hope you can enjoy your new WOC soon after you made up your mind on which one to keep! It's a lovely little bag.
  3. So I guess I'm not the only one that's had quality issues with ysl? That's really disappointing to hear that such a high end brand has so many issues... :sad: I talked to them today and they still haven't located another one for me because I guess there's no stock in the whole company for that color combo. I'm going to give them until tomorrow before I decide if I want to return it or see if they will offer me a discount or something on it. I just don't feel right paying 100% for a bag that is not 100% perfect. I just want to hurry up and get this resolved because it sucks to have a bag that I've already paid for sitting in my closet that I can't use and enjoy.
  4. I too only post in the Chanel forum but just recently the WOC style here has caught my attention. But it's interesting about the quality issues you are having. Please keep us posted if you get the other one.
  5. Update for anyone who's interested. I finally got the new bag today. It does not have the small black dots and the flap looks straight. However, the seams on the side were not sewn perfectly and had slight gaps. The SA assured me that it should not come apart or peel and that if I ever have issues with it I can bring it in. So, after comparing it to the one I had before, I decided to go with the new one. I'm going to start using the bag so I can't yet say how well I like it functionally and how well it holds up with use. And although I love the design and beauty of this WOC, I feel that this will be my first and only YSL purchase. They just have too many quality issues that make me feel uncomfortable with the brand as a whole. I'll be sticking with buying LV and Chanel in the future. I've experienced much better customer service as well as quality with both those brands, but that's just my opinion.
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