Instant reveal! and a question

  1. Hi everyone!:smile:

    It's been a very long since I bought Jimmy Choo bag.
    I used to have Liquid Patent Mahala (too heavy and too roomy for my needs) and Patent Roquette (too small) but eventually sold them both.
    After that fell in love with Bal and Mulberry and kind of forget about JC bags (not shoes though) :graucho:

    So when I received an email about 50% off sales couple of days ago I jumped at the chance to get something! :biggrin: And here it was ....
    Presenting Enamel Patent Navy Riki!

    And my question is about lilac ribbon and lilac Jimmy Choo inside name plate.
    There is no lilac ribbon and the name plate is silver. They changed them? Why? I liked lilac stuff so much...
    DSC05121.JPG DSC05122.JPG DSC05124.JPG DSC05125.JPG DSC05126.JPG
  2. This is so pretty...I love my patent Riki and will never sell it. Don't know why they have changed. I agree on the lilac nameplate, was a Jimmy Choo trademark. The newer one looks cheaper IMO...
  3. Thank you :smile: the lilac nameplate, ribbon and dustbag were so Jimmy Choo, i'm quite disappointed. But I love Riki nonetheless.
    So you think it's a keeper?
  4. Absolutely a keeper :yes:
  5. keeper keeper keeper!

    No idea why the plate was changed to something that will be much easier to fake.
  6. This is such a beauty!
  7. Thank you, ladies! :smile: Love love love my new bag!
  8. The bag is gorgeous, I have just ordered the same one and am surprised they have changed the lilac ribbon

    I only have one other Jimmy Choo bag and that has the lilac ribbon & lilac dustbag. Like you say it's their trademark and adds something special.

    Is the hardware silver on this one. I can't wait for mine to arrive. I had seen it online and they first reduced it to just over £700. Half price was just too much of a temptation.

    I wish Mulberry would do that on their website;)
  9. Ohhh, congrats! The bag is a real beauty IRL, the navy patent shimmers a bit in direct sunlight, so beautiful. The hardware is pale gold.
    For me as well half price was a huge temptation, I passed it with 30% off but with 50%...couldn't pass it.:graucho:

    I'm surprised about the lilac ribbon and lilac nameplate as well... Both of my had it, and i'm a little bit disappointed that new Riki is different. The dustbag also isn't lilac anymore, kind of yellowy now...

    Share your new bad when you get it!:smile:

  10. Twins

    and here she is.......................absolutely gorgeous, love her to bits

    sorry not the best pic
  11. ohhhhh, congrats!! just gorgeous! I know it's very hard to capture the real beauty of this bag... I was struggling as well.
    Don't you love how it shimmers in the sunlight??? I can't take my eyes off mine :biggrin:
    I'm so happy to have a twin :ghi5:
  12. love it!