Instant Reveal /\/\/\ 2 Cute Items


Ban? Ah Whats That:P
Nov 26, 2012
Australia, Bulli

Evening to fellow Aussies, Morning to all others reading ;)

Im not new to Gucci (we have always bought bits and pieces over the years) BUT sadly there has been not many collections that have made my family jump at the whole store. Until this year. Ill do a collection photo thread later tonight.

But here are my 2 Holiday Gifts (me snd my sisters are all older now and we receive holiday gifts from mum and dad and get to use them before and after xmas. So here are my Web Strap Thongs and my Blind for Love Tiger Clutch.

Also. There is a comparison in size to my Celine clutch. The gucci one is slightly bigger. Which i love.

Thanks for viewing all xxx