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  1. Hi everyone :smile:
    So I recently bought a new bag! I have wanted a regular Alexa for so long now as I have an oversized Alexa and sometimes she is just a little bit to big for everyday. But I wanted one with smooth leather so I have been hunting preloved websites for ages now and last week I came across a lovely little beauty on Ebay.
    When it came the corners were a bit scuffed and the lock had some scratches but with some collonil gel and a bit of toothpaste on the lock she has shined up a treat!
    Plus I got her for £235 so she was an absolute steal!
    So introducing my 'new to me' Alexa! I just love her :loveeyes:Xx
    IMG_20160721_111201834.jpg IMG_20160721_111226751.jpg
  2. She looks great! And what a price! Congratulations!
    The leather looks amazing :love:
  3. Wow what a bargain! And she looks in great condition! I'm after a mini or regular Alexa so might have a browse on eBay!
  4. Lovely, congrats! You got a great bargain! And toothpaste on the hardware? Does that really work? I never heard of that before!
  5. that is a real steal! Congrats. Saw a regular oak alexa recently that was well used and she looked great!
  6. I know lol I was a bit afraid to use it at first but thought I have nothing to lose because I got it at such a bargain. Maybe for a new bag I would have been a bit more hesitant.
    I think I had seen it mentioned once on the forum somewhere and to be honest I looked up home remedies for cleaning brass/hardware on google and toothpaste was the only one I had in the cupboard but it made such a difference. I tried it on the inside locks first just in case and then the outer lock.
    This was the image of the lock from the Ebay listing
    postman lock.jpg
    And this is it now after I cleaned it
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  7. Congrats on your bargain, she looks lovely
  8. Wow, stunning!
  9. What a bargain! Looks great.
  10. Amazing what the toothpaste has done and what a steal at £235!!
  11. Fab bargain! Congrats and enjoy.
  12. Great bag made all the better by the bargain! Congratulations, carry it in good health :tup:
  13. Bargain. Good for you, lovely bag, at a fabulous price!!!
  14. What a bargain and the leather still glows! Congrats!