Instant patina - 'How to' tv clip, featuring J.Birkin

  1. Thanks, this is too funny!!! Who's the first one to try it on her Birkin?????LOLOL
  2. Takuya's reaction is hilarious, esp when he kept saying oi, oi, oi !!!
  3. "oh my!~":s I would never let Dear Jane stomp on my Birkins.
  4. OMGosh - even Jane Birkin doing that makes me cringe!!!!
  5. ROFLMAO!!!!:roflmfao:

    Do you now understand why she developed tendonitis?

    BTW, was that a guy underneath that long black wig?:confused1:
  6. lol
  7. I don't know whether to cry or laugh!!
    Thanks Mai Tai -- the video is priceless.
  8. WOW 2 things I won't ask Jane B. If I ever have the good fortune to meet her.
    I. How long do you think it will take for my bag to look like yours? Loved and used?
    2. May I have your autograph?
    Thanks for posting!!!!!
  9. Yes, looked like a guy.
  10. Yes, that is a guy. He's a member of SMAP.
  11. Does SMAP stand for 'Save My Adored Purses'?
  12. What a nutter
  13. Oh I loved this - Jane leads the way in NOT babying the bags!
  14. I can see it now, they will try to sell the bags on eBay:

    Pristine condition, used only 1-2 times.

    I didn't find the video funny at all. I thought it bordered on sick.