Instant news: pretty good size earthquake here...probably at least a 5...

  1. whew, hearts still beating. I am here in San Jose, Ca...obvious no news yet for details
  2. Hoo boy, that was quite a shaker! Reporting from San Francisco ...

    Tink, if we BOTH felt it, it must have been a reaaaalllllly big one ...
  3. Hey Lori, is your heart beating as fast as mine
  4. ok, 5.6 centered near milpitas
  5. Yes, I was scared enough to jump from my desk and the Purse Forum! LOL

    Seriously, I got up very fast and got in the doorway .... pretty scary!
  6. Yep, DH and calling to the kids..get in the door...they are saying 10 -12, seems so much longer.
  7. whoa we know how that feels in Hawaii. where did it originate? keep safe!
  8. Totally didn't see this thread! This is the first time in a long time that my liquor bottles were clinking together. I ran to the doorway and noticed my stove on, so I ran to turn it off. I was hoping that it wouldn't get stronger.
  9. My Mom just called. She said it shook like hell in Castro Valley and also my brother in San Ramon said it felt really strong there too. is reporting 5.6 on the scale, 20 secs duration. I guess they are expecting aftershocks...
  10. Roo -- I heard that aftershocks, if any, will be very mild. I don't think we'll hear about too much damage, thankfully.
  11. There have been 8 after shocks since the 5.6...I haven't felt them, but my dog is going crazy!
  12. Now they are saying it was on the Calaveras fault...
  13. whatt i felt nothing here in riverside..
  14. twinkle.tink, i'm in santa clara, but my parents are in sj! hope everyone is okay! :heart: