Instant n' Easy Way to Clean Black, Tarnisshed Silver

  1. You probably already know this, but plain old cigarette ashes moistened with a few drops of water will immediately remove even the blackest tarnish from anything made of silver, from the most delicate necklace chain to the most gargantuan serving platter.

    Just rub the paste on, wipe the black off, behold the bright shiny silver, rinse, and poof!

    (To get down into intricate patterns, you will probably have to use a toothpick, pointy Q-tip, whatever, to get the damp ashes into the grooves and crevices. Or you can just leave those black, for a more "textured" or "antique" look.

    (At least that is what you can tell people it is, if you don't have the time or inclination to dig into all the little curls on the heads of 900 bas relief cherubs adorning the outside of the huge platter...)
  2. Thanks! No, I didn't know this. See, cigarette smoking isn't all bad :p .

  3. Actually I didn't know that...

    Hmmm.... I don't smoke, but I'm curious to try! Does it have to be ashes, or will a soaked, unlit one work? Ooo.. I'd feel like I was on mythbusters...
  4. Now to find someone that smokes!
  5. I wonder if fireplace ashes would have the same effect? The electricity went out for a few days this week, so I have a fireplace full of ashes. Maybe I'll give it a try.
  6. thanks for the tip, i didnt know anything about this one lol ...:biggrin:
  7. suzi, that is a good question! I haven't ever tried it with any other kind of ashes, let us know if it works!

    Junkenpo, I am pretty sure it would need to be ashes, I don't think just unburnt tobacco would do anything!
  8. I didn't know if it was the ashes or one of those million bad chemicals in a cigarette to the trick... lol...

    One I have heard is... soak a cigarette in a bucket of water & now you've got bug spray for the bugs on your plants in the garden!

    I haven't tried it, but an old neighbor swore by it!
  9. ShimmaPuff-Great always have useful tidbits of info.
  10. Too bad I quit. I knew I shouldn't have stopped just yet....
  11. I didn't know that ...

    Or you can use tooth paste, that's what I do. It works like a charm too!
  12. Weird!
  13. I just discovered another great trick. If you soak your silver with aluminum (like tin foil) and some salt you can literally wipe the tarnish off of it. But if it's really intricate or really tarnished it doesn't totally clean it. Great for antique flatware though.
  14. I've always used baking soda and water just make a paste. It works try it.
  15. do the cigarette ashes make it smell like cigarettes though?