Instant Mini Pom Reveal from NYC!

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  1. First of all, I have my hero purses & pugs to thank for this, as I went to the Bal NYC store specifically to get one of those adorable mini bag charms she shared with us here. On my way out (after buying the apple green charm), I happened to ask about the mini pom and they had ONE in the back. Why not on the floor, I have no idea!

    I had to get back to my office in midtown, but all afternoon I was thinking I NEED that mini pom (ANOTHER bag :wtf:). In order to justify I decided to part with the charm, so I sent it back for an exchange (this means the bag costs $350 less, by my math, right? :graucho:).

    I'm horrible with the pics so here they are all at once (please excuse the obligatory workplace bathroom with bad lighting - will take more from home later!)

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  2. Aah what a cute bag! It looks great with GSH.
    And I like your thinking, you got a great deal :P
    Did you take a picture of the charm before you returned it?
  3. As a matter of fact I did!

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  4. That's so adorable, good thinking on the savings too. I'd do the same thing if it were me, $350 is $350, big savings towards a bag. Small GH goes so well w/ the Mini Pom too.
  5. Congrats on your Mini Pom! It's so cute I can't wait for more pictures.
  6. What a cute mini pom! Congrats to you.
  7. I like your thinking on the mini-pom, congrats on your new cute little bag! The charm is also adorable though!
  8. Thanks so much everyone. Can't wait to try her on at home! will post more pics a bit later tonight. :salute:
  9. oh... how cute is this!!! congrats on your great find :tup:

  10. That was quick, I'm sure it felt like torture to you for all that waiting... she is a gem. So cute. I'll bet she can hold a lot too. Congrats!
  11. congrats!! that is the smoothest 2010 leather i've ever seen!!! love the mini pom on you, super cute!
  12. Congrats dear! Such an adorable bag, her leather looks yummy and I love the mini SGH Combo! :yahoo:
  13. so cute, congratulations!
  14. such a cute bag
  15. So adorable. Congrats on your new Mini Pom! Looks great on you.
    And too bad you let go of the Apple Green charm. We could've been charm twins! ;)