Instant Messengers

  1. Do you open up a messenger for each account(yahoo, aim. msn)?

    Do you use trillian?

    Do you use meebo?
  2. I supposbly have msn, but I have no idea how to use it.

    Thats how much help I am LOL!
  3. I just use MSN and gmail chat every now and then..
  4. I use AIM to keep in touch with friends from college, and I use MSN for my family and friends that live out of teh country.
  5. I have Trillian Pro, which lets me chat with my AIM, Yahoo, and MSN friends/family.
  6. I have AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and google chat all on my blackberry! I use them all!
  7. I use MSN. :rochard:
  8. I also use MSN! Couldn't live without it, to be honest.
  9. All my gmail friends have other messengers, so I just chat with them on those.
  10. AIM and Yahoo here.
  11. I haven't used AIM in months, but I have an account. I primarily use gmail chat.
  12. I use AIM and gmail chat. Live messanger makes my PC unhappy
  13. I use AIM but not the Trillian version. I'll occasionally use Ichat.
  14. i use yahoo, aim, and gmail
  15. I have Trillian, but never use it for some reason...I primarily use Yahoo, MSN, and Gmail.