Instant Manicure

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  1. ooooh cool my boyfriend works in the avon offices and they get company discounts i'm gonna have to have him pick some up for me so i can try them :lol:
  2. So are they just stick on nails?
  3. that is so cool i want to try :lol:
  4. interesting
  5. How in the world do you get rid of the *extra* as the color tabs look a lot larger than your nails..... ??
  6. ya i wanna know too!!
  7. i think it's kinda like gold leafing in that the part that touches ur nail comes away and the rest just remain on the little nail-sized tab......:huh:
  8. if thats the case, I may have to try that. do you have to rub them on?
  9. Neat! i want to try those. I always screw up when I'm painting my nails.
  10. lemme know if these are easy to use or not!
  11. Ok I just got mine in the mail. I couldn't decide on the color so I got one of each and they're grrreat!! Well with the exception of my first three nails LOL! Practice makes perfect!
  12. Wow! If I had long nails I would try it. Sounds so convenient and cool!
  13. OHH I've think I've heard of these before, but never knew if it actually worked!

    Intereresting product, if I could find some in Canada -I'm going to try the Twinkling Pink. :biggrin:
  14. I've been eyeing these for a couple of weeks now!! Another PF'er has a friend who gave them the thumbs up, so I guess I'll have to order some!