Instant Gratification or A Long Wait? Fendi vs. LV

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  1. Help, I can't decide between buying a Fendi Mirror (bright orange shinny) which doesn't ship until Oct. or a cheaper LV I can get now....

    Which would you pick and why?

    Thanks Ladies,

  2. Which LV bag are you considering?
  3. One of the speedy, papillion, batignolles...I haven't really decided, probably the batignolles...*laughs*..I'm just trying to figure out looking at spending equal amounts (almost) on either side, which is a better buy and wait for the really different looking Fendi or get one of the standard LV's (and I do love LV's) ....I just don't know, I'm torn...
  4. I would hold out for whatever one you really want, even if it means waiting a few months.
  5. should check out another thread on this forum about Handbag Mistakes. You might see yourself there. I would not go the "instant gratification" route, trust me. A bag purchase of that magnitude needs to be well thought out.
  6. Thank you Compass Rose, I did check out the forum and it was certainly educational...and helped! I appreciate the feedback and I enjoyed the other thread.
  7. i suggest you really think about buying the "really different looking" bags... it could just be a phase - soething you'll like for this season, then possibly regret it the next...

    for high priced items, i usually go for the classics so i'll get the most use of it...

    ..just my opinion.. :smile: