Instant early bday reveal


May 30, 2012
So I was set on purchasing the Pallas in Pink but was told it was sold last night :shocked: So I went with the Alma in Amarante but my friend said it looked too mature on me. I asked what other colors they had and to my surprise they had one last Rose Angelique and MIF too. But as seen in my earlier post it had a pen mark on the bottom which isnt that noticeable but I just couldn't go through with it in the end knowing this bag costs me $2700!!! I mean if it was a speedy I prob just let it go. I asked if any other stores would carry it and the SA said no. So I left the store kind of disappointed. Anyways, I wanted to try my luck as we have 4 LV stores in my city and to my surprise one of them told me they had a last one stock even though this is the furthest one. Okay, so 40mins later I went to pick up my dream bag :love:
It's in perfect condition and I feel this one is shinier/has more shimmer than the other one and its MIF too :biggrin: Anyways, enough blabbing. I need to pack my stuff for ban island :biggrin:

AND I picked up this cozy little gem :graucho:, anyone care to take a guess?